20 Reasons Why I Choose FOREVER as the Home in the Cloud for My Photos

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The cloud has become increasingly popular in our mobile-based society.  The advantages of anytime-anywhere access to our photos, together with the ease of sharing and creating backups, have made it too enticing to ignore. Thankfully, there are now many options available to us as consumers for managing our photos in the cloud.  On the flip […]

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What do you do when you have Thousands of digital photos (with a capital “T”)… …and your son comes home from school saying he needs to bring a few photos of him playing sports to school for a project? …or you want to prepare a slideshow of family traditions for your parent’s 50th anniversary? …or […]

Top 10 Photo Management Tips for 2014


About 880 BILLION photographs will be taken in 2014, according to Business Insider.   Let’s face it, you (and I) are going to be contributing heavily to that number.  So it’s best to have a game plan as the new year starts, to take control of your photos!  The new year is a great time to […]

Need A Little Help with Your Photos?

WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE DO PhotosOrganized is a small business that provides SERVICES and supports to help you manage your photos and family memories.  We proudly specialize in DIGITAL PHOTO ORGANIZING SERVICES.  What makes us unique is that we help you get organized via remote computer access and screen sharing, so you can […]

Product Review – Picture Keeper

A Great Tool that Makes Photo Management Fun & Easy: Picture Keeper A must have for anyone with tons of digital photos and wanting to get a grip!   2 Main Uses: Gatherer – If you have digital photos all over the place on your computer or several computers, this little gem will save you!  […]

3 Smart Approaches To Getting Photos Off Your Smart Phone

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More than ever before people are using the camera on smart phones to take pictures.  And because we always have it with us, we are able to capture some of our BEST moments and life stories on our phones!  But that also means our best memories are essentially trapped inside this little metal and glass […]

3 Simple Ways to Backup Your Photos


Is backing up your digital photos important?  Just ask your neighbor who lost the last 3 years of her memories, when her house got broken into and her laptop was stolen. Or go to your nearest Best Buy and ask their GeekSquad how many people have had system failures due to lightning hits or computer […]

New Industry in our Midst!


There’s a New Friendly Kid on the Block!  Photo-Life Management is a new industry that our ancestors probably could never have imagined!  My beloved grandmother is celebrating her 89th birthday this year and I love going through her albums (which I have updated to archival safe quality) and looking at all the extended family pictures […]

Welcome to the PhotosOrganized Blog!

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Welcome to the PhotosOrganized blog!  We are thrilled that you are here! Let me start by stating the obvious:  Our life stories are extremely important to us because they are a connection to our past, present and future. Here at PhotosOrganized, I want to help you preserve and tell your stories.  And I especially work […]