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“Coach-Me” Digital Photo Organizing Package


Your photos are out of control and you want help!  You are eager and ready to take action but just need somebody who knows what they are doing to show you what to do.  And by “show you” you mean – sit next to you and WORK TOGETHER, HANDS-ON, until you “get it”!  If this describes YOU, then this is the package you’re looking for! 


Includes Everything You Need to Get You Started & Keep You Going!

Initial Assessment
Custom Photo Management Action Plan
Setup Online Backup*
Installation OR Training** of Photo Management Software***
Gather/Migrate/Import Maximum Size of 30,000 Image Library
Set-Up Custom Organizational Structure (Keywords, Folders, Virtual Albums)
Identify and Remove Duplicate Photos
Organize 10,000 Digital Photos (Virtual Albums & Keywords) WITH a Certified Photo Organizer!
Custom Checklist for Photo Management Maintenance
Recommendations for Online Albums and Sharing
3 Months Unlimited Email and Phone Support!  We want to help you!
Service Area:  Anywhere with Internet Connection
PC/Mac Platforms
FREE BONUS INCLUDED: Online Backup Service for 1 Year!
$125 per 1,000 Additional Images Organized
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!


We know how busy life can be so the best part is that this is an ONLINE REMOTE SERVICE.  That means you can get all this done while you remain in the comfort of your home!  You can be in your pajamas and don’t have to worry if the house is a little messy.  We do all the work efficiently and effectively via remote methods such as phone, online remote access to your computer, snail mail service, screen sharing and email.  And most importantly, we will gently GUIDE you through every step of the process!  So if you’re tired of being overwhelmed and worried about your digital pictures, and you’re ready to be take control of them again, now is the perfect time to do this!

We are ready to help you preserve your photos and stories!

Price: $997




Summary of the Coach-Me Package:

This packages gives you the best of both worlds: you get the photo management system set up for you and you learn how to use the system by working side by side virtually with a personal photo organizer.  This turbo charged “set-up” service is designed to help get you on the road quickly and efficiently to digital photo organization success!  We start with a phone consultation and then, remotely, we set up all the tools you will need on your computer.  This includes an online backup service for 1 year, free photo management software and photo duplication app.  Then we create an organizational framework based on your personal needs (smart albums, customized tags/keywords.)  Once the system is in place, you and your personal photo organizer will TOGETHER “process” 10,000 photos through your new photo management system, via remote methods such as online access, snail mail, email, etc.  When we are done you will have everything set up and be trained to continue “processing” the rest of your existing images on your own.  And you will have a step by step plan to help you add new images to your new photo library, as you take new photos.


If you wish, you can choose to process more than the 10,000 photos that are included in this package.  This is done in batches of 1,000 additional images, for just $125 per batch, unlimited quantity.  Simply inform your photo organizer at any time prior to the end of your service, that you want to add more photos and it will be invoiced separately.

Local clients have the option to do on-site instead of via remote access, at no extra charge.

Optional Additional Costs:

The package you purchase will be used for the knowledge, expertise and labor involved in accomplishing the tasks you want, such as organizational structure and customization, installations, digital photo organizing and backing up.  This package is designed to provide all the tools needed to organize your designated digital images without the need for any additional expenses.  However, if you choose to upgrade or expand any of the options, there will be additional expenses involved, such as for external hard drives, paid photo management software**, shipping, etc.  These additional optional expenses are not included in this package and will be quoted for your approval beforehand.

*ONLINE BACKUP SERVICE:  BackBlaze cloud backup service for 1 year is included in this package!  Value: $50.

**PHOTO MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE:  Paid Photo Management Software is not included in this package.  Prices vary and can range from $40 to $150, depending on your individual needs and budget.  Free Photo Management Software is included in this package.

***PHOTO MANAGEMENT INSTALLATION OR TRAINING:    If you already have photo management software installed on your computer that you are happy with, you have the option of receiving 1/2 hour of personal training on that particular software OR adding 500 additional images to be organized with your photo organizer.


We’re ready to help you get started right now!  Just click on the “BUY NOW” button and we will see you on the other side.  Get ready to enjoy your photos again with the freedom to share & preserve them like you want!


Price: $997

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About Photos Organized

Certified Photo Organizer

Sylvia Cuillo is a Certified Photo Organizer who does the hard work for you!  She is a long time memory keeper and understands how important it is to share our love for others by preserving our photos and stories.  She has a passion for helping people get organized so that they can have fun with their photos and enjoy peace of mind.  Time and technology are the two biggest reasons people don’t get their digital images organized.  Sylvia removes those barriers by organizing your photo memories, right on your computer, with you or for you!  It doesn’t matter where in the world you live, as long as you have Internet connectivity, we can help!




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