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Forever Cloud Set-up Service for Your Photos


  • Have tons of photos all over the place and you’re worried they will get lost?
  • Love viewing your photos even when you’re out of the house, but the storage on your phone keeps maxing out?
  • Want to pass on your treasured family stories to your loved ones but not sure where to start?

We can help with each of these situations by creating an awesome home for your photos in the Cloud!  This is a home that is safe and secure and private.  And it’s a home that you can pass on from generation to generation.  It’s called Forever.

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Forever, Inc

PhotosOrganized and The Association of Personal Photo Organizers have vetted and partnered with Forever.com because we believe they offer a valuable service and  quality product to help our VIP clients preserve, organize and share their life stories, like no other offering out there at this time.

Forever is the world’s first permanent digital family archive where you can upload photos, and soon, videos, documents, audio files and recipes.  Whether you’re working on the life of an ancestor or curating your own life moments every day, you’re sharing the stories of your family that make a difference to your children and theirs.  

Here at PhotosOrganized, we take the Forever cloud platform and couple it with our expertise in photo management and hands-on service so you can benefit from both!  Our promotion this month is to help you get set up with Forever so you can enjoy easy, secure and private access to your photos online, quickly and painlessly.  

Want peace of mind and more time to be with your family?  Read on…

MC900432591HOW IT WORKS:

1.  Purchase the Forever account membership and designate PhotosOrganized as your Account Manager, for the sole purpose of working with your photos during this project.  

2.  Upload your photos, or PhotosOrganized can upload them for you via remote access to your computer or an external hard drive or file transfer, such as TeamViewer or via DropBox.  

3.  Once uploaded, you can sit back and relax – We take care of the rest!

We will organize your precious photos into online albums with a privacy setting so that only you can see them, and those you choose.  As you add new photos, you can place into online albums or we can handle that for you too, with a convenient retention plan.  


PhotosOrganized will create your Forever account for you and spend TWO HOURS organizing it with your photos and showing you, one-on-one, how to incorporate it into your workflow:  $125 (reg. $250), plus cost of Forever account membership.

Custom Forever Cloud Set-Up Service: $125


A few more cool things about Forever:

  • Personal URL with your name.  For example:  www.JaneSmith.forever.com
  • Rent to Own:  Once you pay for your account, you own it in perpetuity.  
  • Organize with tags and virtual albums AND edit your photos right on the cloud, in full resolution.
  • Automatic data migration to make sure your photos are in the most modern technological format at all times, so they continue to be accessible, even after your passing!
  • FOREVER does not claim ownership of your digital content, or data mine or sell it to advertisers.
  • You maintain all your digital rights and assign beneficiaries.  Your account will never be shut down, even after your passing!
  • Mobility:  Access from anywhere with an internet connection, including your smart phone and tablets.
Organized by album.

Organized by album.

It might be a picture in an old shoe box, or a story told by a beloved grandmother, or a recipe card that’s starting to tatter, but there comes time when we think about our loved ones, the mark they’ve left on the family, the things they’ve left behind.  What will happen to those old albums and home movies?  With PhotosOrganized and Forever, you can secure those precious moments for generations.  

Forever is your Permanent Digital Home.  A place where your ‘digital’ property is secure, private, backed up and shared only with those you trust.

Still not sure?  To learn more about this great opportunity, or to attend one of our live workshops in the Tampa Bay Area, email me at sylvia@photosorganized.com.  I am happy to answer your questions and help you get started.  

I look forward to hearing from you soon!


About Photos Organized

Certified Photo Organizer


Sylvia Cuillo is a Certified Photo Organizer who does the hard work for you!  She is a long time memory keeper and understands how important it is to share our love for others by preserving our photos and stories.  She has a passion for helping people get organized so that they can have fun with their photos and enjoy peace of mind.  Time and technology are the two biggest reasons people don’t get their digital images organized.  Sylvia removes those barriers by organizing your photo memories with you or for you!  It doesn’t matter where in the world you live, as long as you have Internet connectivity, we can help!




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