New Industry in our Midst!


There’s a New Friendly Kid on the Block!  Photo-Life Management is a new industry that our ancestors probably could never have imagined!  My beloved grandmother is celebrating her 89th birthday this year and I love going through her albums (which I have updated to archival safe quality) and looking at all the extended family pictures through the years.

But I’m amazed that she has a grand total of only FOUR pictures of her parents, and only of when they were older themselves; and she has NONE of herself as a child or even an adolescent!  I find that so sad.  She was an only child and all those memories are in her head and will be lost forever.  Thankfully there are other tools to capture what we can of her stories, such as that allows for audio recording her voice, or for question prompts and a cool timeline view.

Isn’t it amazing how we are in a whole different situation in our day and age, because even young children are taking pictures!  Hello selfies!  The smart phone with its camera has changed everything!

Nevertheless, we now have challenges related to the HUMONGOUS size of our photo collections!!!  And trying to find a picture we took can be daunting.  In addition to the size issue, there’s the digital issue.  Meaning that images are captured but the majority are no longer being printed.  So they are basically little codes in whatever device we have them in.  Loose the device and there goes our precious photos with it!  And finally, add on the challenges of the new and constantly changing technology!  I think you get the idea…

The vast size, fragile existence and technology have caused most of us average people to become totally overwhelmed with our digital photos (and if you’re not there yet, you will be soon unless you take action) and thus created the need for the Photo-Life Management Industry.

Photo Organizers are the professionals who emerged to provide a solution and help people manage their photos, family movies and memorabilia, throughout the changing times and increasing technology.  And photo organizers help people take advantage of that new technology by maximizing their ability to preserve and share their stories and enjoy them!

Here is where we come in!  At PhotosOrganized, we are mainly service providers and we do all the hard work for you!  We teach you how to sort, secure and share your memories.  Or we can do it FOR you!!  We are about making this worthy endeavor FUN AND FUNCTIONAL.  We stay on top of all the latest developments in photo management related news.  And we apply and share our knowledge so that you can benefit to preserve and tell  your stories!

To learn more about this exciting & growing new industry, check out the Association of Personal Photo Organizers and the founder, Cathi Nelson, at  

This is our passion and we hope you can gain some new piece of insight or proactive strategies every time you join us on this blog!  Thank you for visiting and please keep coming back as we strive to continue offering you more photo happiness!  And if we can help you in any way, please do not hesitate to let us know!

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