Product Review – Picture Keeper

A Great Tool that Makes Photo Management

Fun & Easy: Picture Keeper

A must have for anyone with tons of digital photos and wanting to get a grip!


2 Main Uses:

  1. Gatherer – If you have digital photos all over the place on your computer or several computers, this little gem will save you!  It is a flash drive that you plug into your computers USB connector and it finds all your jpeg files for you and saves them on the flash drive.
  2. Backup – No more worries about having to manage a complicated process to get your precious memories safe.  The picture keeper (PK) makes a full size copy of your digital image and keeps it until you decide to delete it.  Once it is on the picture keeper, it is not dependent on the original image being on your computer hard drive to remain backed up on the picture keeper.

Key Features that make life better:

  •  PLUG & PLAY!  No fussing around.
  • Compatible with Mac and PC at the same time!  No reformatting needed.
  • Identifies duplicates so that you are not backing up stuff you don’t want.
  • Has a mobile app that lets you backup pictures on your smart phone & mobile devices.
  • Small in size and reasonably priced.
  • No batteries or electrical power needed.

 Just think about the possibilities that open up for you:

  • When you want to backup just the new photos added since the last backup without needing to keep track of which ones are new.
  • When you buy a new computer and need to migrate your photos from the old computer(s).
  • When you want to share a copy of your entire photo library with a family member or friend.
  • When you go on vacation and want to be able to backup your photos as you go.
  • When you want to have peace of mind knowing your life stories are safeguarded and easily updated.
  • When you want to get prints made and can have your whole photo collection available to you right there at the print kiosk.

My Picture Keeper Workflow for Backup:

I have a PK Pro that can store about 250,000 images and I keep it inside a safety deposit box at our bank.  Our memories are absolutely priceless to our family so I want to make sure I’m taking this seriously.  The first week of every quarter, I get the PK Pro out of the safety deposit box and plug it into our computer.  It automatically finds and copies all the new photos that have been added since the last quarterly backup.  That is usually between 3,000-5,000 new images!  It can take 30-60 minutes to complete.  I have a label on my PK Pro device where I handwrite the date of each new backup.  And then it goes back to the safety deposit box until the next quarter.


The one drawback is that it is not an automatic process, meaning that you need to physically plug the picture keeper into your computer and you need to manually click the “Start Backup” button.  That can be mastered by having a set schedule and sticking with it.  Pick something that works naturally with your lifestyle and put it on your calendar.


The Picture Keeper is one of hopefully at least 2 or 3 backup systems that you have in place.  The picture keeper is absolutely a great device, but by no means should it be the only backup you have.  It is still a device and can fail, get lost, etc.  On that note, a good idea is to put the picture keeper flash drive on a lanyard and keep it in a safe place that you remember.

Summary:  Gathering & Securing

The Picture Keeper lets you gather your precious photos in one place and lets you secure them!  Those are two of the biggest challenges we face today that are putting our digital life stories at risk.  And the Picture Keeper lets you address both of them the fun and easy way so it gets done in our busy lives!

Hopefully you have one designated place for all your photos and you have at least one backup copy to start protecting your life stories and memories.  If you have been worried and overwhelmed because you don’t have that, try the picture keeper.  Picture Keeper is offering a Thanksgiving promotion on their devices.  For full disclosure, the image link below is an affiliate link; but I am an affiliate because I personally and professionally use Picture Keeper and have been highly recommending it all along!  It is a favorite photo management tool among Personal Photo Organizers for a reason… It is fun and easy!
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If you are still unsure or too busy and would like help getting started with a system, we would love to help you.   For more information, fill out our Contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Happy Fall and Photo Happiness!

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