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Do you have boxes, bags or envelopes full of photos?  Would you like to have them incorporated into your digital photo collection so that you can do all the amazing things digital lets you do?  Like share easily on CD’s or the internet, create slide shows and back-up safely to preserve them.  Our digital photo organization services include scanning services as well.  We will scan old photos for you so you can complete your digital photo collection to include older photos.   How better to surprise your parents than with a digital photo album of their childhood and young adult years from the 1940’s and 1950’s?

Scanning Prices

Loose Photos:

  • 3″x3″ to 8″x10″: $0.55/each
  • We do not scan items larger than 8″x10″

Photos In Album/Frame:

  • Returned in photo safe bag: $0.75/each
  • Returned in original album: $0.95/each


Extra Copies:

  • Additional flash drive with jpeg images = $20.00-$40.00

Our Photo Organizing clients receive 15% off total scanning service (Point-Me, Coach-Me, Do-It-For-Me).

You do not need to count your photos.  The scanner will do that for you.  Just gather them together in one place and we do the rest.  If you want them in any particular order, simply arrange them beforehand.  You will receive your originals back and a flash drive with jpegs of all your photos, scanned at 300 dpi.  Basic post scan image enhancement and photo cropping will be done as needed and is included in the price.  Editing and color adjustments, beyond basic image enhancement, are not included but can be requested as a separate service.

Scanning services are only available to local clients in the Tampa Bay Area, Florida.

If you are interested in scanning services but still have questions, please contact us via email at or submit your information via our contact form.   We’ll be in touch shortly!  

SHOE BOX SCANNING:  If you are ready to schedule and pay for this service, gather your photos into a shoe box and we’ll get right to work for you.  

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