Top 10 Photo Management Tips for 2014

10939481_xxlAbout 880 BILLION photographs will be taken in 2014, according to Business Insider.   Let’s face it, you (and I) are going to be contributing heavily to that number.  So it’s best to have a game plan as the new year starts, to take control of your photos!  The new year is a great time to start!

To help out, here is our TOP 10 “No-Nonsense Photo Management Tips” LIST:

#10  Sign-up with for online backup at under $5 per month.

#9  Use Eye-Fi  wireless memory card with your camera so your photos automatically download to your computer.

#8  Sign-up with and privately share your best, organized photos with family and friends.

#7  Start using a simple photo management software program (iPhoto for Mac and Picasa for PC) to keep your photos under control and so that you can find them when you need them.

#6  Keep ALL your original digital photos in ONE place, such as one main folder on one computer.

#5  Tag your photos with the 4 W’s:  Who, What, When & Where.

#4  Stream your photos to your TV (Apple TV for Mac and WD TV Live for PC) to allow for easy access and more enjoyment!

#3  Print your VERY BEST photos to preserve them and use them in frames, wall art, to create photo books/albums or photo projects and gifts.

#2  Invest time in organizing your photos; even just 20 minutes per week will make a big difference.

AND THE #1 TOP PHOTO MANAGEMENT TIP FOR 2014:  Hire a Photo Organizer!  We will help you get it all done and give you peace of mind all year long!


Bringing Happiness to Your Photos!

Certified Photo Organizer

Certified Photo Organizer

Sylvia Cuillo is a Certified Photo Organizer who does the hard work for you!  She is a long time memory keeper and understands how important it is to share our love for others by preserving our photos and stories.  She has a passion for helping people get organized so that they can have fun with their photos and enjoy peace of mind.  Time and technology are the two biggest reasons people don’t get their digital images organized.  Sylvia removes those barriers by organizing your photo memories, right on your computer, with you or for you!  It doesn’t matter where in the world you live, as long as you have Internet connectivity, we can help!

Email us at if you would like more information on how we can serve you in 2014!

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