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Who are Certified Photo Organizers?

Certified Photo Organizers are professionals who are trained and experienced in all things related to photo management and memory preservation. They work with clients to put them in control of their photos, family movies and memorabilia, for whatever goals you may have for those items. A typical service may include the following: sort through images, find connecting themes, and neatly catalogue and edit them into photo narratives and albums that our clients are proud to share – now and for years to come, and we make sure there is a backup system in place to secure them. Photo Organizers who are Appo Certified, means they are professionally trained in the latest techniques for sorting, storing, and sharing photos and provide the best practices available in the industry.

What is Appo

Appo stands for the Association of Personal Photo Organizers. It is a growing and thriving network of professionals dedicated to preserving memories and helping clients tell their stories. Using images, words, and creatively designed photo books, online photo sharing experiences, scrapbooks, DVD slideshows and more, Personal Photo Organizers are bringing cherished memories back into clients’ lives.

What is different about PhotosOrganized

1. We specialize in DIGITAL photo management and organization.
2. We specialize in providing solutions via REMOTE and OFFSITE methods, including online access.
3. We specialize in APPLE Photos and iPhones, iPads, iCloud and Apple TV.
4. We specialize in working with CORPORATE and business clients and systems.

*You will receive direct SERVICES and TRAINING to get your photos organized.
*You will enjoy personal, CUSTOMIZED services, tailored to meet your unique photo habits and photo goals.
*You will pay for RESULTS, not hours.
*You will feel the LOVE for our clients and what we do!

Do you offer other traditional photo organizer activities such as organize printed photos, memorabilia or transfer family movies to digital

Yes, even though we specialize in digital photos, we gladly provide services to help you enjoy all your memories, regardless of the format. The most commonly requested non-digital services are PRINTED photo organization and scanning. If there is a non-digital service you are interested in, please let us know via our “Contact” page and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have at any time.

What are your services in a nut-shell

*Our services FOCUS on digital photo management
*Organize and protect digital photos
*Build custom Digital Photo Strategies & workflows
*Help you tell your story and share/enjoy it as you want
*Create photo books and DVD slideshows
*Scan printed photos to add older memories to your digital photo library collection
*Consult and train on photo management software, apps and systems

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Do you do the photo scanning in-house or do you send it out

We do all photo scanning in-house and we never mail your photos out. We use the latest technology in a specially designed high speed Kodak photo scanner to provide quality scans of your precious memories. We also use a similar Kodak high quality flat bed individual photo scanner for larger and more delicate photos. And we use a ScanSnap upright arm scanner for albums and 3D items. The 600 dpi scanned images are saved to an archival quality CD/DVD, as jpeg image files.

What computer platforms do you work with

Both Mac and PC

What forms of payment do you accept

We accept debit/credit cards via PayPal and personal and corporate checks. You do not need to have an account to pay via PayPal.

How does it work

There are just 3 easy steps to get started:

Step 1: You start by selecting the package or service you want on our website and process your payment at the online check-out.

Step 2: You will receive an email, within 12-24 hours, to set up your Initial Assessment consultation appointment. If you prefer a phone call to set up this appointment, please put that as a note to us during the payment process.

Step 3: After the Assessment, we go right to work!

Most of our services are done completely via remote online access. We provide that 1 on 1 personal service you’ve been craving to get your photos sorted and secured! And we show you workflow options for maintaining it going forward. This includes sharing and enjoying your photos too, if that is something you want. The beauty is that this is a very personal and customized service, tailored just for you and your photo habits and photo goals.

How do I sign up for the photo organization Maintenance Plan

The maintenance plan is available to you when you COMPLETE any of our photo organizing packages, including custom services. You can sign up anytime during your photo organizing package or you have 90 days after you complete it to sign up. This handy service that will keep your photo-life happy for a long time, will be invoiced separately.

Do you come to our home to do the work

We do all the work remotely. That means we communicate with you via phone/skype/email and access your computer via online remote connection and other remote methods. Since we focus on digital services, this is convenient and practical, especially for businesses and busy individuals. Local clients have the option of on-site services at no extra charge.

Can you do a rush job

We will do everything we can to honor all rush job requests. We will let you know upfront whether or not it is feasible. There is a 25% rush job premium.

What if I’m not 100% satisfied

We pride ourselves in treating our clients exactly as we would like to be treated ourselves and guarantee 100% satisfaction!! We will work diligently toward achieving your happiness with the service and outcomes! If however, for any reason you are not completely satisfied, we will reimburse you or offer you a comparable project, product or service, to our mutual agreement. So far, that has never happened and we hope to keep it that way.

What if I change my goal midway into the project

Since we charge by the project and results, not the hour, we will let you know if and how that might effect the cost, and then you can decide how you would like to proceed.

Are there additional costs or hidden fees

You are paying for the time, knowledge and skills of a certified photo organizer. Therefore depending on the service you purchase and what you want done, there may be additional costs, BUT ONLY IF THE SERVICE INVOLVES ANYTHING BESIDES THE PHOTO ORGANIZER’S TIME AND EXPERTISE. For example, there are NO additional costs for the actual scanning or organizing of your photos. However there are additional costs for OPTIONAL related items such as an external hard drive, subscription to a backup service or photo management software, or photobook printing and shipping. These optional expenses will be discussed with you beforehand, if they are recommended or requested by you.

How long does each project take?

Each job is unique just as each family, person and corporation is unique. Some jobs are small and take 5 hours to accomplish. Other jobs are large and require 30 hours or more. Some clients use our services on an ongoing weekly or monthly basis. This is common with a life time of photos and memorabilia projects that often span 6 months to a year to complete. The scope of the project impacts the timeline.

Do you offer help with ON-GOING photo management, after my photos have been organized

Yes! We love to stay in touch and help you keep the control you’ve gained over your photos! We offer a quarterly photo maintenance plan so you never have to feel overwhelmed or alone again.

How do I purchase organizational services for additional digital images

Start by purchasing one of the 3 main digital photo organizing packages, Point-Me, Coach-Me, Do-It-For-Me or a custom package. During your initial assessment, or at any time prior to the end of your service, just let your photo organizer know you wish to add more photos. You will receive a separate invoice for the add-on that you can pay online via pay pal or check.

If you are unsure, you can take full advantage of our FREE 20 minute consultation with an expert Photo Organizer, to discuss your specific situation and answer your questions.  

What package should I get if I am a DIY’er and am just looking for help getting set-up

Point-Me: Phone Consultation and online remote assistance to set up the tools you will need on your computer. You do all the photo organizing work with step by step direction from an experienced certified photo organizer. We will guide you so that you have all the tools you need set-up on your computer AND we will organize some images with you to get you started! This is a great option when you want help upfront but then you want to do the bulk of the project yourself.

If you are not sure if this is the package you need, take advantage of your FREE 20 minute consultation and get clear on the perfect solution for you.

What package should I get if I want a photo organizer to work beside me to organize my digital photos

Coach-Me: You work side by side with your photo organizer to get the project done, via online remote service. The photo organizer teaches you how to do it and you work on the project yourself. There are 2 main benefits: 1. Since there are 2 of you working, it takes less time to finish and 2. You get to learn everything so you can more easily maintain your system after the project is finished.

If you are not sure if this is the package you need, take advantage of your FREE 20 minute consultation and get clear on the perfect solution for you.

What package should I get if I want to hand everything over and not be too directly involved in the process

Do-It-For-Me! You hand everything over to your photo organizer and we get it all done for you, via remote methods! You provide the goal and parameters and then we take care of the rest! This is the ideal solution for the busy mom or executive, or aging person who wants to preserve their life stories but just doesn’t have the time, tech know-how or simply does not want to deal with the hassle. No worries, we’ve got you covered.

If you are not sure if this is the package you need, take advantage of your FREE 20 minute consultation and get clear on the perfect solution for you.

Still have questions?  Just send us a note and we’ll be happy to answer them.